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GRC website (ShieldsUp test)

GRC website tracks your surfing session and keeps the results. If you first decided to check your address without A4Proxy in use, and only then set up your browser to use A4Proxy, you still may get the same results as if no anonymous proxies were in use. In order to really test the difference, you must restart you browser and start browsing from the first page each time you change any settings.

Also, if you are using their IP Agent, which was specifically designed to overcome proxy servers and send your actual IP address to the site, the site will naturally recognize your IP.

Another thing to check is whether you are using A4Proxy for all three protocols: HTTP, Secure HTTP and FTP. TestShields makes use of the Secure protocol and you must make sure that port 80 is entered in the proxy settings for this protocol. Here is a page which provides details on seting up your browser:

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