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Network Configuration Issues

I have installed A4Proxy in my machine which has an internet connection. Say the ip address is and the port is 80. I am unable access the net from a different machine using the above address. Let me know if I need to some setting.

Only one machine - the one on which A4Proxy is installed - can use the address All other network computers that will be using A4Proxy must use the address of the server machine, the one which is connected to the Internet and on which A4Proxy is installed.

Here's how to set it all up:

  1. Install A4Proxy on the machine connected to the Internet. This will be the server.
  2. On this server machine, run utility WinIPCFG.exe (located in the Windows folder; just select Run from the Start menu, and type in the name of the utility).
  3. In the drop-down list choose the string reading something like "...PCI Ethernet Adapter" - NOT "PPP adapter", because you will need the address of your network adapter card
  4. In the "IP Address" field will be the address of your anonymous Internet server - that is the network address of the machine connected to the Internet. Write it on a piece of paper.
  5. You must use this address in the appropriate Proxy Settings in the browsers on the network computers that will be using the Internet via A4Proxy.
  6. After you set up your client computers, you will need to include their IP addresses in the CLIENT Allowed List on the Associations and Stop Lists tab: for security reasons, computers that are not on the Allowed List are denied access to A4Proxy.

Will A4Proxy make me invisible to my provider?

A4Proxy hides your IP address and other information about your computer from the sites you are visiting but it doesn't encrypt information sent from your machine, so the provider may still be able to see what sites interest you.

In Saudi Arabia, we are all behind Fire wall, that restrict the free browsing of the WWW, can your product over ride this issue?

No, A4Proxy cannot override restrictions or help you to get access to the websites banned by the authorities.

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