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Anonymity and Paypal (and other online businesses)

Q. I'm hoping your Anonymity 4 Proxy product can help me. I am a US citizen / resident, but I am often outside of the US doing business (I'm a project director for an international company). I have an account with Paypal as I buy products on ebay. When utilizing my Paypal account from countries that are not on Paypal's country list, a red flag comes up in their security system (I suspect they "read" that my IP address is from outside of the US and that I'm logging in away from my home adress). My question - - Paypal has a secure setting protocol that reads IP addresses and ?. Do you think your product would be useful to me? Would Paypal know that I am using anonymizing software program?

Although A4Proxy might be able to do it, I would recommend against even trying it. You see, the technology behind A4Proxy involves using free anonymous proxy servers. Although technically they'll do exactly what you are asking about: they will make it appear that you are connecting from UK or USA etc - i.e. from the country where the proxy itself is located,- BUT there is a very important disadvantage: on-line shops and money-related services like Paypal dislike anonymous proxies a great deal, since their use is often connected with online fraud.

So if paypal finds out that you are using a proxy to fool their logon system into allowing you in, you are quite likely to find your paypal account closed. If I'm not mistaken, they clearly state in the user agreement that you can't connect from an anonymous proxy.

Instead, you can use a modem to dial an ISP in some other country, e.g. USA, and connect to the Internet via that foreign ISP. The connection will probably be rather slow, and certainly quite expensive, but on the other hand you won't be breaking PayPal agreement, and you'll have a totally legitimate IP address belonging to the country where paypal expects you to be.

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