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Anonymous Proxy Servers FAQ List

What is a Proxy Server?
   A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing (e.g. Web sites or FTP archives). The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. TOP

What is the use of proxy servers?
   Usually, proxy servers are used to increase the effective speed of your connection to the Internet, as they save files that are requested most often in a special database called "cache". The cache of a proxy server is generally huge in its capacity, and contains not only the requests made by you, but also the files that have been requested by hundreds, if not thousands, of other Internet users. As a result, the information you need may already be present in cache by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately. The overall increase in performance may be very high. Besides that, proxy servers can help in cases when, for example, the owners of the Internet resource impose some restrictions on users from certain countries or geographic regions. TOP

What is an anonymous proxy server?
   Any web site in the world can track your movements through its pages and monitor your reading interests using your IP address, a unique ID assigned to each computer on the Internet. Depending on the policies of the Internet resource, you might not be able to get access to the information you need. Also, your visit can be registered and used later to gather some personal information about you.

   It is widely agreed that governments and organizations publish dummy websites on controversial topics for the purpose of monitoring interested parties. Also, this information, in combination with your e-mail address, can be used to increase the number of targeted advertisements fired at you by the marketers.

   Using only your IP address and the information about your operating system, a Web site can automatically exploit security holes in your system using some not-very-complex, ready-made, free hacking programs. Some of such programs may just hang your machine, making you reboot it, but other, more powerful ones, can get access to the content of your hard drive or RAM. The anonymous proxy prevents this by hiding your IP address so that no one can access your computer via the network. In most cases, however, proxies do inform the target server about the address of the computer that made the request, transmitting your IP-address in different forms.

   Anonymous (real anonymous!) proxy servers don't transfer the information about the IP-address of the client, and thus effectively hide the information about you and your surfing interests. Besides that, some proxy servers can also hide the very fact that you are surfing through a proxy server! Anonymous proxies can be used for all kinds of Web-services, such as Web-Mail (MSN Hot Mail, Yahoo mail), web-chat rooms, FTP archives, etc. TOP

What is a public proxy server?
   It is a proxy server which is free and open for everybody on the Internet. There is quite a large number of public proxy servers in many countries but most of them are not anonymous. TOP

Is the "anonymous proxy" I came across on the Internet REALLY anonymous?
   Most probably, No. At iNetPrivacy we made a test, checking more than 8,000 public proxy servers available from the web and found that only a few hundred of them are truely anonymous proxy servers. Although almost half of all servers appear on the various proxy sites under the "anonymous" title, and listscall themselves "anonymous" because they do not transfer the client's IP address in the standard way, nevertheless the address is present in their requests in other different forms and therefore they do not provide any anonymity. Besides, we found that some proxies transfer the IP address of the client occasionally, from time to time. TOP

Can a proxy make me anonymous to HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc, so that I can send anonymous e-mail?
   Yes. As long as you are connected to the HotMail server through an anonymous proxy server, your IP address is hidden, and all e-mail that you send with the web-forms on the HotMail server has no track of your true location. It is so for all web-based e-mail services, like, as well as for web-based chat boards like Yahoo! Chat. There is a possible trap, however: many of such services use a secure connection when you send e-mail or when you logon to your account. Therefore it is very important to make sure that your proxy supports HTTPS and configure your browser to use the proxy for the Secure protocol in addition to the ordinary HTTP. A4Proxy, a web anonymizing software developed specifically for managing large lists of proxy servers, can check them for HTTPS support. TOP

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What is ANONYMITY 4 PROXY (A4Proxy) intended for?
    The simple way to travel the Internet anonymously has been around for quite some time - anonymous proxy servers. They generate unique IP addresses that shield your current connection when relaying requests for web pages and files from ftp archives. The only sad thing about them is that they are difficult to find, and it is even more difficult to test their real anonymity and IP isolation factors. That is what A4Proxy is doing. This proxy server will store your proxy server list in a convenient database, check your "proxys" for 15+ parameters (anonymity, location, speed, response time, proxy header variables, support for HTTPS and FTP...) and help you to surf through them.

    A4Proxy stands between your browser and the Internet, receiving requests for web pages from your browser and redirecting them to the anonymous proxy servers in its database. These proxy servers connect to the sites on your behalf and fetch the pages to A4Proxy, which then sends them to your browser to display. As a result, the websites see the IP address of the proxy server instead of your own IP address. As all traffic travels through A4Proxy, you can monitor outgoing requests as they are sent out by your browser and modify them if you like, block cookies, change proxy for each request, send a fake IP address and a lot more. A4Proxy fully supports HTTPS and FTP, so you will be able to logon to secure sites and FTP directories anonymously. A large proxy list with hundreds of anonymous proxy servers located all over the world supplied with the program. You can also share the anonymous connection over a LAN. TOP
Anonymity 4 Proxy: benefits and features in detail

Will A4Proxy work with mIRC or other IRC client? How do I set it up to send anonymous e-mail with ordinary e-mail software? What about newsgroups?

    A4Proxy works only with your web browser and download managers like GetRight. With A4Proxy, you can't send anonymous e-mail with ordinary e-mail clients (but you can use web-based e-mail accounts like, and you can't use it with chat programs or newsreader software. If you need anonymity for FTP (with standard FTP clients like CuteFTP), Usenet News (with standard newsreaders, e.g. Outlook or Agent), IRC (with standard IRC software like mIRC), ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP), have a look at our AntiFirewall product, TOP

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