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Chaining with Proxomitron

You can easily use A4Proxy with another local proxy program, like Proxomitron. The idea is to form a "chain", where your browser first connects to that other local proxy program, and then that program connects to A4Proxy. From the point of view of A4Proxy, there will be no difference, it won't even "know" that there is another program between it and the web browser.

Your will need to set up your browser to use Proxomitron ( port 8080), and then to set up Proxomitron to use A4Proxy ( port 80). This configuration is possible because Proxomitron allows you to use an "external proxy", and you can use the A4Proxy program as this proxy.

  1. Configuration of the browser. A4Proxy supports three web communication A4Proxy supports three web communication protocols (HTTP, Secure HTTP and FTP), while Proxomitron supports only one (HTTP). This requires that you configure the browser in the following way: For HTTP protocol, enter port 8080 (this will direct all HTTP requests to the Proxomitron program); For Secure HTTP and FTP, enter port 80 (this will direct requests made with these protocols to A4Proxy)
  2. Configuration of Proxomitron. Click its tray icon and choose Proxy button in the menu. Enter in the dialog box. Minimize Proxomitron to the tray. Right-click Proxomitron tray icon. In the menu, mark the "Use remote proxy" option. When this option is selected, Proxomitron sends requests to A4Proxy; when it is not selected, A4Proxy is not used and you are not anonymous.

That's all. After you set it up, look at the A4Proxy icon to see if it is really used: the icon must be flashing when you are surfing. Please note that with this configuration you will be able to "switch off" A4Proxy (that is, "switch off" the anonymity feature) in two different places: in WebWasher (the "Use a proxy server" option, when selected - you are anonymous) and in A4Proxy itself ("Direct Connection" option, when selected - you are NOT anonymous). Please don't mix them up. The best way is to never use the option in WebWasher (always keep it selected) and use A4Proxy's own settings to switch it on and off - the A4Proxy icon will change to indicate its current status.

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