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Unable to logon to an FTP site

All proxy servers on the list are HTTP proxies, they do not support the full set of FTP commands. Besides, some of them do not support FTP at all. What it means for you:

  1. You cannot use traditional FTP clients (like CuteFTP) with A4Proxy, as all such programs expect a proxy server to support all FTP instructions

  2. You can download (not upload) files from ftp servers using either your browser or programs like ReGet, GetRight, which are aware of such proxy servers. In order to see if a particular proxy server supports this kind of FTP communications, look at the FTP column in the proxy list, proxies which support FTP have an X in this column Remember, in order to check this ability of proxies you must check them after selecting the Reset Data option on the Proxy check tab; the option "Check for FTP/HTTPS support on Reset Data" must be selected as well (Proxy options tab) If you need to provide your login/password, you can do it in the URL line, like that: ftp://login:[email protected]

  3. If you need to upload something, you are limited to HTTP upload (that is, via a form in the browser - if the website you are uploading to provides this means of upload)

  4. Make sure that port 80 stands for FTP in proxy settings in your browser.

  5. There is also a setting in IE which may require additional configuration. It is located on the Advanced tab in the Internet Options, and called "Launch browser windows in a separate process". You must enable it. Now ftp requests will go through A4Proxy and you will see them on the Activity tab.

    The same option may also be called "Enable folder view for FTP-Sites" in IE 5.5.x (but not in all builds). The same setting may be called in some other ways in different versions. Experiment with it until you see some activity on the Proxy Activity tab in A4Proxy when visiting an FTP site.

    The thing is that IE is bound very closely to the whole operating system and sometimes it means that the browser has to ignore the proxy settings to operate normally. You can avoid this by installing a different, non-Microsoft browser, like Netscape or Opera or anything else, and using it to FTP.

Our new anonymity product, AntiFirewall, works with FTP without any limitations, and allows you to use any FTP client software like CuteFTP.

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