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Find In Context for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

Find In Context
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Find In Context saves your time when you search through your files looking for specific information. It displays all relevant fragments of your files together in a single report, where you can read them straight away. Built-in context viewer allows you to browse through bigger fragments of the original files instantly, without having to open them. The fast and flexible proximity search algorithm and file access engine are specifically optimized for the typical real-world search scenarios, where you modify the key words and search the same collection of files again to get better results. You can search the files located in any folder on the hard drive of your Windows computer (or other computers connected to yours via a LAN) for any words or word fragments, and within seconds you'll have the most relevant paragraphs shown to you in your browser. You can search through any kind of file or media: email databases, the cache of your browser, or entire hard drives or CDs, effectively and easily.

The program offers you the following key benefits:

What You Seek Is What You Find
Instead of just giving you a list of links to the files which might be relevant to your search, Find In Context extracts all relevant fragments from all files you have searched for, and displays them all to you in a single report. You can see immediately if the search is fruitful or if you need to edit the words and run the search again. Quite often, the very piece of information you are looking for will already be there in one of the text fragments, so you won't need to do anything else. TOP

Context Viewer
The built-in context viewer allows you to browse through bigger fragmenst of the original file without having to open it with other programs. Find In Context reads the file for you and displays the text in an easy-to-browse format in your browser. In this way you can look through all relevant parts of all your documents, using nothing more than Find In Context and your mouse. This technology also allows you to search through databases and files which normally cannot or are not supposed to be opened and searched directly, e.g. email databases, swap files, cache and cookies collection of your browser, temporary files, etc. TOP

Designed for Big Archives
Finding a small piece of specific information in a big collection of electronic texts can be a nightmare. Sometimes the archives may stay unused simply because it takes so much time to find anything there. Find In Context helps you to put them back to use. During the search, instead of pointing you to the files with your keywords and making you open them one by one, the program displays to you the specific paragraphs most relevant to your search, collected from all the files you have seached through. You can "zoom in" to any search result and view it in context with a single click of your mouse. The program is very fast and can handle an unlimited amount of data. TOP

Support for Website Files
Websites files (i.e. files in HTML format) require some special work from the software. When searching through HTML files (which are detected automatically by the program regardless of their name extension), Find In Context looks only at the actual content of the file and ignores all formating information, which eliminates false hits. In addition to that, the program can search for the HTML-specific spelling of the special and accented characters (umlauts, diphthongs, etc.) used in many languages. TOP

Support for Website Files
Starting from version 2.4, Find In Context supports the text encoding used by the latest versions of Microsoft Office (Unicode). It means that you can search directly all your Word, Excel, etc files without having to open them one-by-one. TOP

Simple and Sophisticated
The program is easy to learn and easy to use, yet it allows for very sophisticated searches if you need them. In addition to the context (NEAR) search method, which is native to the program, it also supports AND and OR operators, search for exact phrases, whole words or substrings, and exclusions (NOT operator). However, everything is as point-and-click as it can be, and it is very easy to construct even very complex searches. For details, see our How to search to find tutorial.

You can also use such parameters as file size, the dates of modification, creation or last access, or file name masks (wildcards). TOP

Relevant Results
The context search method (also known as "proximity", or "NEAR" search) produces more relevant results then other search methods. You can adjust the size of the context window to improve the quality of hits even further. TOP

Direct Search
Since the program does not use any separate index databases, you always search the actual files with all the latest additions and changes. No need to worry about updating indexes, and no "ghost" hits are possible. It also allows you to search for any parts of words or special characters, since your searches are not limited by the scope of an index. TOP

Lightning Fast
Find In Context has been specifically designed to be fast in the typical real-world search scenario where you modify the key words and search the same collection of files again to get better results. Even the initial search is very fast, but all subsequent searches become faster by an order of magnitude, since the program takes full advantage of the Windows file caching technology. So whenever you need to edit your keywords and search again, you often get the results in a flash. TOP


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