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In the news: Find Information In Context

New version of Find In Context has been released! [Free upgrade for customers] Version 2.4 supports the text encoding used by the latest versions of Microsoft Office (Unicode). It means that you can now search directly all your Word, Excel, etc files without having to open them one-by-one. Find In Context is a search tool specifically designed for big archives of electronic documentation, texts and downloaded websites. It displays all relevant fragments of your files together in a single report, where you can read them straight away. Built-in context viewer allows you to browse through bigger fragments of the original files instantly, without having to open them in other programs. Its fast and flexible proximity search algorithm and file access engine are specifically optimized for the typical real-world search scenarios, where you modify the key words and search the same collection of files again to get better results. Special support for website (HTML) files. The new version offers an advanced language for building complex search expressions and Logical Expression Assistant to make it an easy and simple task. More info...

In the news: Surf and Download Anonymously

Version 2.8 of Anonymity 4 Proxy has been released! Anonymity 4 Proxy is an advanced award winning tool for those who value their privacy. Using Anonymity 4 Proxy with your web browser, you can travel the Internet anonymously. It includes a database with hundreds of anonymous proxy servers located around the world, and it helps you choose the fastest anonymous proxy for the website that interests you and check the degree of your anonymity. With this new version you can import additional proxy lists from files, folders and remote web pages (URLs) automatically and process them much easier than before. The long-awaited Export feature now allows you to use your proxies in other programs and share them with your friends. As always, you can switch the interface of the program to your own language. You can block cookies, study and modify the information sent out by your browser and learn more about how the Internet works! More info...

In the news: Talk Safely to Perfect Strangers

Version 1.1 of AntiFirewall has been released! AntiFirewall fully supports and provides anonymity for FTP (with standard FTP clients like CuteFTP), Usenet News (with standard newsreaders, e.g. Outlook or Agent), IRC (with standard IRC software like mIRC), ICQ and Email (POP/IMAP). More info..

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